Putting the pieces
of the puzzle

Why use Dynamic Safety, L.L.C.

The foundation of Dynamic Safety, LLC begins with the three principals who each has over 20 years of experience within their fields of expertise. In order to provide their clients with a greater array of expertise and services, these individuals joined together to form Dynamic Safety, LLC. Since 2003 Dynamic Safety, LLC has provided thorough, expert accident investigation and reconstruction services to attorneys, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, government agencies, and the transportation industry.


At Dynamic Safety L.L.C., Mr. DiTallo and Mr. Green are the principal consultants in the preparation of all forensic media. Their professional philosophy is that the analytical aspect of every case is handled by the partner to ensure thoroughness and accuracy. This philosophy holds constant with forensic media. They utilize the latest in technology to provide media that are based on the evidence, the issues being analyzed and the needs of the client.


At Dynamic Safety L.L.C.,
we are experts in training.

We offer customized training modules for our clients on topics of their choice, including crash data (black box) retrieval, scene documentation, and evidence collection. Our partners speak frequently at conferences, seminars and on-site at organizations such as law firms, law enforcement agencies, and insurance companies.