Vehicle & Evidence Storage

Dynamic Safety L.L.C. offers secure, inside storage for our clients’ evidence – including cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV’s, bicycles and other vehicles. With our nearly 9,000-square-foot facility, we’re able to preserve the evidence, protect it from the elements and vandalism, and most importantly, control who has access to it.

We also have a fully equipped indoor inspection area, complete with a 10,000 lb capacity vehicle lift, power tools, air operated tools, vehicle weight scales, lights, video equipment and vehicle diagnostic equipment. Our inspection area is well-lit and heated, with enough room for large group inspections.

With full vehicle inspection facilities on site, our storage facility reduces our clients’ costs by minimizing consultant travel fees and eliminating many equipment rental costs.

We can arrange to have your vehicle or other evidence properly picked up and transported to our facility. This service is available nation-wide.

Even if we are not involved in your case as consultants, we can store evidence for you. Examples include appliances, water heaters, furnaces and other products. Please call us to discuss your individual evidence storage needs.