EDR (Black Box) Examination

The application of “smart” vehicle technology is a rapidly growing area. No matter what the specific system or manufacturer name, these “smart” systems may contain data or in fact be an EDR (Event Data Recorder). Dynamic Safety L.L.C. offers heavy vehicle and automotive EDR (Event Data Recorder) crash data retrieval and interpretation. We have extensive training in the extraction and analysis of automotive crash data and heavy vehicle ECM (Electronic Control Module) data. We are also certified in the use of the Bosch CDR (Crash Data Retrieval) system.

Today’s motor vehicles also have the ability to record data when certain conditions are met. However, the ability to record data and the amount and types of data recorded varies by manufacturer and model. The proper extraction and preservation of this data may be critical. We not only have the training and equipment to obtain this data, but more importantly, we have the expertise to interpret the data.

Just because a vehicle is not covered by a commercially available data download system, does not mean that the vehicle will not have EDR data. Many other brands of vehicles have EDR technology. Dynamic Safety L.L.C. can help facilitate the collection of data in certain insistences when the data is not available through the use of commercially available data download systems.

Please call us at 847-550-8560 to find out if a specific vehicle that you are interested in is downloadable.

As the co-authors of two chapters on the use of EDR technology in the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety textbook “Traffic Crash Reconstruction,” Dynamic Safety’s principals are experts in the field of EDR data extraction and data analysis.