Accident Reconstruction

Using the physical evidence and facts obtained through our investigation, Dynamic Safety L.L.C. specializes in collision reconstruction. We may use specific tools such as photogrammetry and/or HVE computer reconstruction and simulation software to analyze a collision.

Our collision reconstruction services include:

    • Vehicle and site diagram preparation
    • Determining vehicle speeds utilizing various reconstruction techniques including momentum and energy analysis
    • Determining conclusions of driver strategy and tactics which influenced the crash
    • Document state law traffic violations
    • Incident analysis and report development
    • Vehicle Event Data Recorder (EDR) downloads and analysis
    • Photogrammetry
    • Video analysis
    • Time distance analysis
    • Vehicle damage analysis
    • Full DVD, video and computer file format editing
  • Animations

HVE computer reconstruction and simulation software is a sophisticated tool that enables us to:

  • Simulate multi-vehicle collision
  • Reconstruct a collision to determine impact speed, delta V and other collision parameters
  • Analyze “what if “ scenarios
  • Perform site line analysis
  • Heavy vehicle handling and braking
  • Tire blow-out effects
  • Vehicle response to driver input