What Sets Us Apart


When you select Dynamic Safety, you are guaranteed to work with one of our principal consultants, assisted by our team of professionals. Dynamic Safety L.L.C. does not delegate assignments to less-experienced personnel.


Dynamic Safety L.L.C. brings its multidisciplinary expertise to clients throughout the United States and abroad. The principals’ experience includes collision investigation and reconstruction, law enforcement, engineering, machinery, automotive systems analysis and fire investigation. In addition, the principals have served as expert witnesses for a number of civil and criminal cases.

Educators in their Field

Because Dynamic Safety’s principal consultants are educator’s in their field, they are recognized leaders and keep abreast of the latest forensic advances and industry-leading techniques.

Immediate Response Team

Dynamic Safety L.L.C. is committed to arriving to the collision site as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours. Sometimes the most critical data is only available shortly after a crash occurs, so time is of the essence.


With our nearly 9,000-square-foot facility, Dynamic Safety L.L.C. is able to preserve the evidence, protect it from the elements and vandalism, and most importantly, control who has access to it. Dynamic Safety L.L.C. has a fully equipped indoor inspection area, complete with a 10,000 lb capacity vehicle lift, power tools, air-operated tools, vehicle weight scales, lights, video equipment and vehicle diagnostic equipment.

Event Data Recorders

Dynamic Safety, L.L.C. offers heavy vehicle and automotive EDR (event data recorder) incident data retrieval and interpretation. Thomas Green, Michael DiTallo, Kevin Vosburgh and William Redfairn have extensive training in the extraction and analysis of automotive crash data and heavy vehicle EDR data. Thomas Green, Michael DiTallo, Kevin Vosburgh and William Redfairn are also certified in the use of the Bosch CDR (crash data retrieval) system.

As the co-authors of two chapters on the use of EDR technology in the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety textbook “Traffic Crash Reconstruction,” Dynamic Safety’s principals are experts in the field of EDR data extraction and data analysis.


In addition to consulting, our principals have been involved in testing at our facility, in the field, and when teaching classes for the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety (formerly The Northwestern University Traffic Institute).